• Improves Safety Awareness

  • May Reduce Insurance premiums

  • Reduces the potential for injury

  • Works on All Types of Mobile Equipment

  • Warns BOTH Pedestrian and Operator

  • SIGHT & SOUND Alarm

  • 360° protection

  • Penetrates walls, product, machinery, racks, etc…

  • Not subject to reflective interference or environmental conditions.

Magnetic Field


Unlike RFID Systems, HIT-NOT® uses low-frequency magnetic fields to read and warn through walls, racks, cargo containers, and other blind corner obstructions that cause life changing injuries and sometimes death. It is a precise marker with two zones, Warning and Danger, which provides the vehicle operator and the pedestrian with a visible and audible warning.

Used in Many


Hit-Not is saving lives all over the world in industries such as:

  • Automotive

  • Steel

  • Paper

  • Glass

  • Building Materials

  • Chemical

  • Logistics

  • Maritime

  • Forestry

  • and More

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